Process Heating

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Benefit from our extensive experience with electric furnaces, rotary electric furnaces and electric ovens.  Our knowledgeable service persons are available to assist you during process disruptions.

  • Power Controller Service

  • Transformer and Choke Testing

  • Cooling System Maintenance

Semiconductor Crystal Formation

Our services cover power controllers for poly-crystalline deposition.  Additionally, we service induction heating silicon and silicon carbide (SiC) foundries & resistance heating controllers for semiconductor fab(s).

  • SCR Power Controller Service

  • Induction Heating

  • Induction Load Matching

  • Cooling System Service

silicon wafer

Glass and Fiber

Manufacturing glass and fiber requires precise control of variables and perfect operation of equipment to achieve high productivity.  Maintenance of these operations is essential to continued reliability.  Our company aim is directed at providing dependable service for every industry using power control and is ready to provide support for electric furnace boosting, high purity quartz production and tin bath heating operations.

  • All Induction Heating Operations

  • Glass Furnace Boost Controllers

  • SCR / Thyristor Controllers

  • Cooling System Services

glass furnace boosting