Material Processing

In the broadest sense, material processing is the conversion or modification of a substance from an unusable form ( e.g. physical or chemical state) to a usable form which also may be the finished product.  Our expertise is in the processes and equipment which utilize electrical energy to heat, melt, ionize, or chemically react raw and/or waste materials and convert them into saleable materials.

Electrowinning Operation


Integral Power Technologies supports every manufacturer of SCR / thyristor rectifier and DC chopper used in electrowinning and mining operations.  Visit our Services section to learn more about our offering.

Future energy

Plasma and electrode arc furnaces

Green energy, recycling, agglomeration, fused minerals, metal processing and syngas production:  our team covers low voltage power systems, controllers, choppers and support systems.

Chemical customer

Chemical production / electric heating

High power rectifiers and power controllers are an important part of chemical production.  We proudly support resistance heating controllers as well as SCR / thyristor and IGBT chopper technologies for chlorine production, hydrogen generation, desalinization operations as well as all chemical and process heating applications.


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