Power systems maintenace

In manufacturing and generation the power distribution network needs to be reliable.  Over time, previously sound power installations can be compromised by outside influences such as vibration, seismic activity, thermal cycling, overloading and environmental contaminants.  Don’t be caught off guard by failures in your electrical system.  Our inspection services are backed by years of experience maintaining heavy industrial power systems and are the perfect solution to prevent catastrophic breakdowns in your plant or facility.

Infrared Inspection

Certified infrared thermal inspections are an effective way to spot overloading and poor electrical connections without needing to stop operations.  Detecting connection issues before a failure occurs allows for planned downtime and maintenance.  For more information about this service, please see our infrared thermal inspection page.

Power Quality Analysis

Identify power quality problems effecting critical equipment and operations.  These can include nuisance overload trips, flicker, random shutdown, and local brown out events.  Utilities may also assess penalties for poor power factor caused by large inductive loads or failed power factor correction equipment.  All analysis come with a full report and recommended actions. 

harmonic analysis graph

solar farm

Load / Energy Monitoring

Planning for new equipment, addition of alternative energy or battery backup power incorporation?  Monitoring individual or total power usage over time will provide real and accurate power consumption data and is crucial for determining the capacity needed from an alternative energy or backup power source.

We offer power consumption recording with maximum load, peak hours, KVA and KVAR measurements.   Knowing how much power a machine uses during a production cycle can help with more accurate bidding and stronger price negotiations.  Monitor from just a few hours up to months at a time.