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Induction heating

The use of an alternating electromagnetic field to heat a electrically conductive material without direct thermal transfer is referred to as induction heating, electromagnetic heating, radio-frequency heating and Joule-effect heating; to name several.  This process is utilized across a wide range of industries and has all but completely replaced combustion heating in most applications. 

Induction heating yields consistent heating, high throughput, increased efficiency over other heating methods, and high quality results.

Our company and service portfolio bridges the gap between legacy induction heaters and the modern converters of today.  From SCR / thyristor designs to high current IGBT and high frequency MOSFET technologies; we have the tools, technologies and experience to repair and maintain your induction heating system.

Our company is the aftermarket expert in service and maintenance of induction power supplies. We service all induction equipment including:

  • Inductotherm

  • Interpower

  • Newelco

  • Pillar Induction

  • Radyne

  • Saet Emmedi

  • Taylor Winfield Technologies

  • Thermatool

  • UltraFlex Power Technologies

  • Westinghouse Induction

  • ABP Induction

  • Ajax Tocco

  • Ambrell

  • American Induction Heating

  • Bone Frontier Induction


  • EAA Power Electronics

  • Elotherm

  • EFD Induction

  • GH Induction Atmospheres

  • Inductoheat

Please see the reviews of our clients about the value of our aftermarket induction service.

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