SCR Power Controller Systems


Analog / digital Power control

Power controllers of yesterday and today are very durable with high serviceability.  With our on-site service and troubleshooting for every make and style of power controller; analog or digital, single phase or three phase, you can rest assured that our services are in step with your facility's demands.

Power controller applications:

  • Glass melt furnace boosting

  • Metal casting & melt holding furnaces

  • Electric ovens

  • Glow Bar Furnace

  • Rotary Hearth Furnace

We provide aftermarket support for every manufacturer of power controller including:

  • Ametek HDR

  • Avatar Instruments

  • Applied Power Systems Inc.

  • Chromalox Inc.

  • Control Concepts

  • Dynapower

  • Eurotherm

  • Spang Power Electronics

Please see the reviews of our clients about the value of our aftermarket power controller service.

Zero-cross control

With historically lower initial and operational costs, the zero-cross SCR / thryistor power controller provides robust on-off control for heaters and inductively matched loads such as transformers in the case of electric boosting of glass furnaces.  Turning power on and off at the instant of zero voltage also reduces the total harmonic distortion caused by the controller which reduces electromagnetic interference and utility imposed charges for operating low power factor equipment

Zero-cross control waveform

Zero-cross control waveform

Phase angle control waveform

Phase angle control waveform

Phase-angle control

By individually regulating the conduction angle of each half-cycle, phase angle regulation provides precise control of AC power.  Controlling SCR / thyristor turn-on has the advantage of limiting current, providing in-rush current control for large inductive loads, and regulating the average output voltage and AC bias.

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