Tube and Pipe

Welded seam tube and pipe

Consistency, quality and on-time delivery are the marks of the tube and pipe industry and our clients are the industry leaders in these fields.  

From pipe for oil and natural gas wells, to hollow structural tube and ASTM certified pipe, we know the demands faced by pipe mills and are ready to respond.  We provide critical breakdown repair and preventative services for induction welding and seam annealing & normalizing equipment. 


Contact us for:

  • Induction Power Supply Service

  • Low Power Output Issues

  • Frequency Faults

  • Over Temperature Faults

  • Nuisance Fuse Failure

  • Cooling System Maintenance

  • Inductor and Coil Testing

  • Resonant Load Frequency Matching

  • Safety Concerns

  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training